Top 7 Wearable Gadgets That Can Make a Difference in Your Life

wearable gadgets

When we hear of wearable gadgets we tend to immediately think of smart watches and fitness trackers, but the list of wearable gadgets and their advantages is far longer than we imagine.

Most of the wearable gadgets are highly coveted as it helps making daily activities and life easier. Here are the top 5 wearable gadgets that can make a difference in your life:


Kokoon-sleep headphones

Just as we mentioned above, wearable gadgets aim to improve our life and this is what Kokoon stands for. Whether you want to relax, sleep while you are on the plane/train or simply escape the noisy world, the cushioned headphones, adjust the volume of your music by measuring your brain activity while you sleep/relax so you can have the best quality relaxation. This ensures that neither your music nor external noises will disturb or interrupt your sleep. The Kokoon system will monitor the type of audio helps you relax and as a result, it will customize the sounds that match your needs.

Moreover, you can use them while you lay down in bed without feeling uncomfortable or worried that your headphones will wake you up or make you sweat: the headphones have a system of air circulation which allows the air to circulate without heating your ears or head.

The Kokoon headphones in partnership with audio company Onkyo, deliver high definition through Bluetooth so you can use them as everyday headphones.


Smart Footwear

Indian company Lechal has recently created smart footwear that helps you reach your destination through gentle vibrations using haptic technology. The uniqueness of the footwear rely on its design as there is no need to use a map or vocal commands. All you need to do is set the destination and the footwear will guide you while it will also measure the distance you walked and the calories your burnt.

The base of the smart footwear concept was to help visually-impaired individuals explore the world better with fewer challenges.


Rusty’s Wired Hoodies

Isn’t it annoying when you want to connect your earphones, but you find them somewhere in your pocket or bag and they are tangled? Company Rusty came up with a brilliant solution: hoodies with earphones that double as the strings of the hoodies. The earphones are waterproof, so you can wash the hoodie without worrying that you will ruin the earphones. The company sells hoodies for both genders at affordable prices.



Who said that technology does not think of your budget? iWallet is an electronic wallet that uses biometric access and Bluetooth system in order to protect your money or credit cards: if you misplace the wallet or if it is being stolen, your phone will warn you. iWallet is available in carbon fiber and aluminum, so you do not have to worry that it might deteriorate in time.



Driving after a long day or during the night can be tiring and dangerous as you can easily lose attention. But Vigo thought of your safety and it created the first Bluetooth headset that tracks your eye and head movement, recognizing when you feel drowsy. Vigo can re-energize and stimulate your attention via vibrations, sounds or light. Moreover, the headset helps you stay connected to your phone and audio library, meaning that you can take calls or listen to your favorite songs.


Netatmo June

Netatmo June is the perfect wearable gadget you should take with you on holiday. It is a classy bracelet which monitors how much sunlight you have been exposed to, warning when you have had enough in order to reduce the risk of skin cancer. The bracelet connects to an application on your phone which will give you plenty of advice on what sunscreen you should use (based on how much you have been exposed to sunlight) or when it is the right time for you to leave the beach.

BioLight Pulse Oximeter

Most of the smartphones nowadays can monitor and record your heartbeats, but it is difficult to define their accuracy since they are not medically proven. However, BioLight Pulse Oximeter is a finger scanner which can accurately measure your heartbeat and blood oxygen level, transmitting the results the results of an application on your phone via Bluetooth. You can share the results with your doctor without making face-to face appointments.

Wearable technology is not only a fashion statement or sign of modernization, but also necessary means that save time and effort for every sector like businesses, health care or daily activities. They are helpful and flattering as these latest technologies sound, we have to pay quiet a large amount for it. Don’t forget to check discount providers like OZCodes which is one of the best places to find the latest offers on ton of electronics and latest gadgets.

Which one would you buy!

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