Top 8 Most Popular Drug-Related TV Series of All Times

Drug use has increased all over the world. In the modern-day societies, considering the fact that some of them are illegal, talking openly about drug habits is still not such a popular topic especially when it comes to talking from your own experience. However, there has been a slight improvement in the way people share their stories with drug abuse or occasional use. There are numerous reasons why individuals start using these substances. Whether it is for numbing an emotional or physical pain, the influence of social environment, or to relieve stress and anxiety, numerous people find drugs as a solution to their problems.

As the awareness of drug use risks and benefits is rapidly increasing and spreading all over the world, it has become a topic a lot more interesting for the public. Celebrities have shared their drug abuse stories, cinematic masterpieces about the use of psychoactive substances have been created, and numerous drug-related TV Shows have been released. TV Series which talk about drugs show a different perspective of those illegal substances to the public. Whether it is in an informative way, a frightening way presenting the consequences of drug addiction, or in an entertaining way as characters use drugs to relieve stress and have fun, all those drug-related TV Series explore the hidden insights of drug use.

Find out the top 8 most addicting drug-related TV Series.


1. Shameless

Shameless is a comedy-drama series that shows how the alcohol abuse of a father can have tremendous consequences on an entire family. The TV series is following the story of a large family with an unemployed alcoholic and drug user who neglects all his responsibilities as a parent and spends all his money and time on alcohol or drugs. The highs and lows of the family as they are facing poverty, growth, hardships, and numerous family challenges are presented using specific dark humor which makes the public connect with the characters. The show explores the real horrible effects of addiction and the way that it is affecting the lives of everyone else around the users.


2. Weeds

The TV series Weeds explores drug use in a less terrifying way as it is mostly focused on the way that drugs can be a profitable business. Weeds present the story of a suburban mother, of two boys, who takes a surprising decision of dealing with marijuana in order to maintain her privileged lifestyle after her husband dies. The topic of drug dealing is presented using smart humor which engages the viewers to see it in an entertaining way.

3. Narcos

Narcos is another drug-related TV series that is inspired by the real-life of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Narrated through the eyes of DEA agents, the TV show illustrates bloody conflicts of cartels who illegally deal drugs and create a financial empire out of this business.

Breaking Bad

4. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is probably one of the most famous drug-related TV shows. The drama follows the story of a man who has been diagnosed with cancer and falls on a dark and slippery road to producing drugs. The reason presented behind the main theme of producing drugs is the fact that the man is trying to secure the financial future of his family after he is gone.

High Maintenance

5. High Maintenance

The 2012 debuted series illustrates the story of a man who was a weed dealer delivering his products to his clients. The series presents the protagonist as a friend to people in need by delivering drugs to them to help them handle easier their various problems. The main theme of the plot is the relationship that contours between a cannabis dealer and his clients. Each episode of the series focuses on one or several customers of the protagonist who vary from casual recreational smokers, party animals, patients, or curious hipsters in search of new experiences.

This Is Us

6. This Is Us

The show This Is Us is a drama series centered around a family of three siblings and their parents. Similar to Shameless, the show presents an alcoholic father and a drug user whose addiction has numerous consequences on his life and on the members of his family.  The show has a compassionate way of showing the fact that each family has its demons to battle as drug and alcohol addiction are a common problem in families of today’s world. The reaffirmation of the vulnerable human nature has made the show gain the hearts of numerous viewers who can easily relate with the characters of the show.

Nurse Jackie

7. Nurse Jackie

The medical-comedy Nurse Jackie TV show offers a realistic portrayal of a painstaking addiction. Focusing on the story of an emergency room nurse who is addicted to painkillers, the show presents the functioning addict in society. It is completely changing the belief that a drug user is unable to hold onto jobs, have friends and family, and be involved in society as, despite her addiction, Jackie is a well-functioning individual into society. The show also approaches the topic of recovery as the main character decides to enter rehab to end her drug use.

Drugs Inc.

8. Drugs Inc.

Drugs Inc. is a documentary series produced by National Geographic which explores in depth how drugs in modern-day society are sold and processed. The documentary series shows how addicts become chained in a vicious cycle of drugs while traffickers pocket huge profits. Each episode of the series mixes perspectives from traffickers, dealers, users, and law enforcement officers. Moreover, it presents insight details of the drug’s production cycle, how they are supplied in our communities, and all the effects that drugs can have on the human body.

Once taboo topics, addiction-related topics have started to become the main interest of numerous weeknight television shows illustrating the different faces of drug use. The drug-related shows present consequences that occur both to the users and the people who surround them, the entertaining way of using drugs to have fun, and the way that drugs can become an extremely profitable business.


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