Top 8 World-Famous Basketball Players of All Time


The world is full of basketball lovers with billions of fans. You might not be astonished as Basketball has emerged and evolved itself over the years dramatically. And now it is world-leading sports entertainment. With the passage of time, the excitement and thrill in sports are growing vividly as new young athletes are stepping into the realm of games. All of us have witnessed some of the best basketball players throughout history.

Many people ask to come up with a list of top-rated basketball players. And that is the reason, we thought to create a list of world-famous players. These players have a significant contribution to the field of Basketball, and that is the reason they live in the hearts of their fans.

Basketball is amongst the most popular game, especially among Americans and Europeans. The players have got a huge fan following from all around the world. Let’s have a look at the world-class players of all time.

Ovie Soko

He is amongst the living legend of Basketball, as he stands differently from other players due to his outstanding performance. Recently he appeared in Love Island (Reality Show) where celebrities live in a villa to find their perfect match. Due to his exceptional performance over the years, Ovie Soko Net Worth has increased drastically.

Shaquille O’Neal

He played from 1992 to 2011 and is also amongst the top players in NBA. His Performance in National Basketball Association matches has remained incredible throughout his career. His playing style got huge media attention because he was known as Ball flipper. Shaquille O’Neal has a huge fan following around the world, especially in his home country USA.

Tim Duncan

He is playing since 1997 and has raised himself to become the most prominent basketball player ever in history. His accomplishments in the field depict his extraordinary skills and expertise. Tim has remained most of the time in media discussions because he won most of the matches in his entire career.

Michael Jordan

The list would be incomplete without Michel Jordan as he stands out from the rest of the players. His charismatic personality was mesmerizing. The world has never seen such a player throughout the history of Basketball. He won several championships and is also in the Hall-of-Fames. The world would always remember this charming and enigmatic player.

Kobe Bryant

This NBA star is decorated with several accolades. He has the record playing for a single franchise for several years. He played for Los Angles and Lakers. He also has a history of record of reaching 30,000 career points as the youngest player. Kobe became NBA scoring champion twice in his entire career.

Bill Russell

The history of the NBA is incomplete without Bill Russell; he won the league title for all the seasons he played. At that time NBA only consisted of 8 to 14 teams, so it was comparatively easy for the teams to win the championships, but throughout his career, he has accomplished many titles. Russel changed the course of history after he joined the Celtics team, as before they never reached the finals, but after Bill joined them, they reached the finals.  And that is the reason he was considered the lucky charm for Celtics.

Oscar Robertson

Oscar has a lot of accomplishments in his entire basketball career.  And you would love to travel back by time machine to see him playing live if you are a basketball lover. Do you know he scored a triple-double with 30.8 points in the 1962 season and 11.4 assists per game while 12.5 rebounds? And these exciting statistics make Oscar different from other basketball players.

Magic Johnson

He is one of the most enthusiastic personalities in the entire history of Basketball in general and the NBA in particular. Due to his outstanding performance, he created charm in the league and was very popular, especially among the youngsters. Magic Johnson captured to win 13 league championships for the Lakers team.

These are a few of the world-famous basketball players of all time. But they’re a lot more to cover in the list. But these players have changed the course of history due to their remarkable performances. The players mentioned above are amazing and incredible and top the NBA best player’s list.

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