Top Apps for Sports Fans

Top Apps for Sports Fans

Thank god for smartphones! With our newfangled devices we can now access any form of information at the tap of a finger, any time we want it, from wherever we are! For sports fans, this has been no short of a revelation; finally, fans don’t have to wait for sports news, schedules and stats to be released in the press as they can simply log in to one of the many thousands of sports websites and sports apps that are currently available. In lieu of this staggering period of technological change, we thought we’d compile a list of our favourite sports apps so you can get the most out of your new device.

ESPN SportsCentre

ESPN’s newly rebranded app has also enjoyed a substantial facelift compared to previous editions. The app’s features are plentiful; consistently updating scores and game updates, breaking news regarding all of ESPN’s teams and leagues and a fair few customisation options for users built in.


This excellent free app is a godsend, offering users updates in games statistics that are literally to the second! The layout is sublime; sports news in particular is a lovely image-based run of headlines; and for power players there are surprisingly in-depth statistical breakdowns for practically everything you could imagine wanting a statistical breakdown for!

Coral Mobile

There’s always going to be a cohort of sports fans who aren’t content with the action happening on court or field. Luckily for these individuals, however, Coral’s new mobile app is the don when it comes to wagers, odds and scores. Bets in-play for thousands of sports around the world are available- great for if you’re in the stands-and the company is providing a £20 bet for all new mobile customers to sweeten the deal! At Bat

As MLB’s official app, At Bat pretty much has to be a great download, and it doesn’t for one moment disappoint. The features are plentiful; steam all of your favourite games, track player and team stats, watch highlights and even listen to radio broadcasts of games whilst you’re out and about. All this for $9.99 makes the app a steal!

Nike+ Basketball

If you love basketball but can’t find the money to hire a personal trainer then Nike + is for you. The app affords keen players a huge number of smart features to help them track their progress and performance; hang time, vertical jump, quickness and hustle are just some of the features available, however to utilise all of the app’s features you must sync it with Nike+ Sport shoes. Still pretty great, though!

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