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From slow beginnings in the mid-1990s, the online casino industry is now worth many billions of dollars worldwide. Figures and projections relating to revenue suggest that the sector will continue to grow in the coming years and there are many reasons why financial experts feel this to be the case.

New technology, including the potential for Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, is expected to contribute to online casino growth. It’s an exciting time for the industry and, while that brand new tech will have its say, players can currently enjoy a vast array of gaming gadgets in their own homes.


Maximum Comfort

Convenience is one of the factors behind the rise of online casino play. Gamers no longer have to undertake a journey to a bricks-and-mortar establishment as everything they need can be accessed online via a couple of clicks.

Digital operators, unrestricted by mere floor space, can also introduce new games and a much greater choice than their physical counterparts. At the same time, this growth has seen a return to more traditional play. Poker and roulette nights can be enjoyed in bars and with friends in the home environment.

For those wanting a return to traditional gameplay, there is an extensive set of gadgets and equipment that can get you up and running.


Back to Basics

Gadget is a term that can cover a lot of bases from the essential to the frivolous. At an entry-level, be sure to have at least more than one set of playing cards on hand to kick off your gameplay.

Poker, blackjack, baccarat, and the rest will all rely on a standard 52 deck so don’t forget to start with the basics. Poker is arguably the most popular of those titles but this game requires other equipment in order to get things up and running.

Poker sets are available which include cards and chips plus a playing mat with space for each player and the community cards in the middle. As an alternative, it is possible to purchase poker dice but for most players, a deck of cards keeps things truly authentic.

To keep it all above board and to spare the dealer any unnecessary work, there are deck shufflers on the market that can shuffle so you don’t have to.


Take the Outdoors, Indoors

Per capita, Australians and Kiwi’s like to wager more than anyone else in the world. With restrictions placed on sports betting, one of the most popular forms of gambling involves the iconic pokies.

You’ll see them in bars and other locations all along the length and breadth of the country. As the name suggests, these will traditionally replicate a game of poker where players will spin the reels in order to find a winning hand.

Development has allowed for more diversity and some games now replicate the type of modern slot machine that can be found online. Online pokies have proven to be very popular in New Zealand and Australia, with more players preferring the convenience of playing a game in your spare time rather than needing to find time to visit a land-based casino.

In the present day, it’s also possible to buy a pokie for your own home. There are many different versions on the market to suit all players so why not take one in while setting up your own bar and bringing the pub to your own home.


Spin the Wheel

Roulette can also be played at home and there are some essential, and not-so-essential pieces of equipment to consider. The game itself can easily be replicated by purchasing a wheel, a ball, chips and a playing mat but there are some quirky alternatives.

Computer roulette is widely published but, for the ultimate in play on the go, why not consider a roulette watch? It features a mini version of the classic game and, among other functions, it returns to its basic role of telling the time.


Aim to be Flexible

It’s also possible to buy handheld versions of all the classic casino games. Pokies can be purchased in these formats along with other great titles including roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

Mobile casino play is claiming a large portion of the overall market and operators have responded accordingly. All online casinos will have a mobile version of their website but, for the ultimate in freedom and flexibility, it’s wise to download an app.

This can also be legitimately be classed as a gadget as it is a piece of technology that can enhance your gaming experience. All operators have mobile versions of their websites and the vast majority also have apps that are much quicker.

When gaming on the go or in any situation that demands greater speed and flexibility, the app is the best choice.


The Future is Imminent

Those joint forces of artificial intelligence and virtual reality are already here to some extent. Potentially, the list of gaming gadgets shown here could extend to VR headsets in the future but those remain in the development stage for now.

In the meantime, there are many options for gadgets that can take us into the future or, they can allow us to travel back to a time when we enjoyed classic games at home. The basics should always be covered and it’s surprisingly easy to forget the standard equipment at times.

At a more advanced level, games can be played on our phones and even on our wrists so it’s always a perfect time to play the pokies, spin the roulette wheel, or take on a few hands of poker.

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