Top Desserts to Make This Halloween and Thanksgiving

With Autumn’s arrival come not only beautiful colors and a noticeable crispness in the air but also the kinds of recipes that warm us up in chilly weather. We crave spice, warmth and heartiness in our breakfasts, lunches and dinners… and our desserts. The first pumpkins are heavy on the vine. The squashes, too. There are apples for the picking and fall holiday parties to plan. Halloween is one opportunity to give sweets to your sweeties. Thanksgiving is another. In fact, it’s a wonderful time of year to have a sweet tooth because there are desserts aplenty – some comforting and some creative, but all delicious. Here are five must-try fall desserts for Halloween, Thanksgiving and all season long:


A Custard Perfect for Fall

Bring out a no-bake pot de crème after Thanksgiving dinner to wow family and friends with minimal effort. Pumpkin, caramel and custard blend beautifully (and uncomplicatedly) in this recipe, and with the addition of a big splash of bourbon you get a dessert that’s custom made for adult palettes.


Cupcakes With a Twist

You can’t help but love pull-apart cakes because no specialty cake pan is required to make almost any shape you can dream up. How about a monster or jack-o-lantern for Halloween, Tom Turkey for Thanksgiving or a beautiful cornucopia to celebrate fall’s bounty… or maybe a spooky ghost? Kraft has a fun recipe for a pull-apart ghost cupcake cake. Simply bake your favor of cupcakes, place them in the shape of a ghost and spread white icing all over. It is as easy as the results are adorable. For even more Halloween cupcake ideas, click here.


Caramel Apples All Grown Up

We were all little once so why should Halloween treats be just for kids? The classic caramel apple gets a grownup update with the addition of rich dark chocolate and shredded coconut. Dipping apples for a more mature palette? A tiny pinch of sea salt adds a little something special. A generous sprinkling of candied bacon bits takes this traditional fall treat to the next level. Need enough for a crowd? This recipe tells you everything you need to know about making caramel apples in miniature. 


Something Sweet and Tart

Pecan pie is lovely but you have to admit most recipes turn out tongue-curlingly oversweet. Many adaptations offset the saccharine quality of this dessert with bourbon resulting in a pie that’s no less sweet but much more interesting for the adults. Another adaption takes a more family-friendly approach to balancing the sweetness of this treat. Tart seasonal cranberries give this pie a delightfully fresh flavor and a beautiful bright autumn color.

Top Desserts to Make This Halloween and Thanksgiving

A Pre- or Post-Dinner Treat

Love apple picking but not sure what to do with all the sacks and sacks of apples? After biting into more crisp apples than you can count, making a not unimpressive number of pies and trying your hand at savory apple recipes, apples may be the last thing you want to see on your plate. Reignite your passion for this fall favorite with smooth salted caramel apple dip – this recipe is perfect for quieting hungry tummies waiting for Thanksgiving’s main meal.

Any or all of these fall desserts will warm your heart and lift your spirits as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. There’s so much to love about autumn – especially when you make sweets a centerpiece of your experience.

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