Top Five Back-to-School Apps for Android Tablets

Your Android tablet is many things. It’s a gaming center. It’s a multi-media player. It’s a computer. It’s a personal planner. But above all, it’s a resource. With your Android tablet, you can streamline your life, make best use of your time, and accomplish more with less. Though appropriate for individuals of all ages, from all walks of life, a tablet is particularly useful for students.

Constantly on the go and having to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities at once, students will find that an Android tablet can help them better manage their personal and educational lives while on the move. But how to make best use of your tablet if you’re a student? Well, the options are endless but the following applications, available in the Google Play store, can set you in the right direction.

myHomework Student Planner

Back-to-School Apps for Android Tablets

For a student, there is perhaps no more important app than the myHomework Student Planner. With this application, students can keep track of their schedules, manage their assignments, download syllabi, set reminders for upcoming class projects, and more. And with an interface that has been designed to be compatible across multiple devices, mobile and otherwise, students will find the application easy to use and incredibly convenient.


Back-to-School Apps for Android Tablets

The principle behind the Tasks app is simple: it helps students create and manage a to-do list so that they can keep track of their responsibilities. For a student, this can be particularly helpful, as all too often professors assign projects with little to no thought regarding what a student’s existing workload may look like (as most students are all too aware). As a result, students are often tasked with managing and completing multiple assignments at once. With the Tasks app, they can keep track of these various assignments so that they don’t miss any important deadlines.


Back-to-School Apps for Android Tablets

Who actually bothers to take a notepad and pen to the classroom anymore? Notepad paper can’t be accessed from the Cloud. Hand-written notes can’t be copy and pasted. And perhaps most fundamentally, hand-written notes often times can’t be deciphered 10 minutes after they’re written! With the LectureNotes app, students can digitize their note taking, allowing them to store and access notes entirely online. If you are thinking “Great, but I don’t like typing on my Android tablet,” don’t fret it. The LectureNotes app lets you write your notes out by hand should you prefer. Needless to say, the benefits are clear.

OfficeSuite Pro 7

Back-to-School Apps for Android Tablets

With this application, you can transform your Android tablet into a truly useful tool. The OfficeSuite Pro 7 app includes a text editor similar to Microsoft Word, a spreadsheet application for managing large amounts of data, and a presentation function for the creation of slideshows. In essence, it consolidates all of the word processing and data management software applications that you utilize on your desktop onto your Android tablet. What truly sets this application apart, however, is that it enjoys extended Cloud support. With easy file sharing and access, and a host of useful functions, OfficeSuite Pro 7 offers a number of hugely beneficial features, and can transform your Android tablet.

Words with Friends

Back-to-School Apps for Android Tablets

Let’s face it: if you’re taking multiple classes and involved in extracurricular activities, you’re going to need to take a break every once in awhile to take a mental breather. The Words with Friends app is one of the most popular mobile games on the market and is a perfect option for students on the go because you can partake in the game in spurts. Perhaps best of all, it keeps your mind sharp. As fun as first-person shooter games may be, they aren’t exactly taxing on the brain; with Words with Friends, you can play and exercise your mind at the same time!

Transform Your Android Tablet

Your Android tablet is a powerful machine that can help you manage your life and fulfill your responsibilities. But as with most tools, it’s only truly effective if you know how to use it properly. With the applications discussed above, you can provide yourself the upper-hand and tackle your upcoming semester of schooling with confidence. Take advantage – there’s never been a better time to be a student than now.

By: Jessica Oaks

Author bio: Jessica Oaks is a freelance journalist who loves to cover technology and the ways that it can make life easier. Follow Jessica on Twitter @TechyJessy.


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