Top Five Flubs at the 2014 Oscars – Adele Dazeem? What!

Another Oscars event came and went. Another year gone. With 2014 Oscars Awards, once again there were many memorable moments and times when even the best in the business weren’t able to hide the fact that they are humans like us. With all the glamour, fishtail dresses, glittery gowns, suits and “shorts” and gold statues, there were many lows and somehow the whole event was called a little “staid”. Although carefully choreographed, the show had its share of bloopers. Apart from the general predictability of an Oscars event, there were some other reasons why the whole thing just went a bit awry. Here is a look at the “memorable” lows at this year’s Oscars:

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  1. 1.     Ellen DeGeneres “Tried”

With Ellen’s flat monologue and dead jokes, one could have told that this is leading to something really boring. She did not dance, or throw around her much loved silly signature conversation that can be seen on her television talk shows. Perhaps, the only thing near to joke was when she told Jonah Hill something on the lines of “In the film, you have showed us something that I had not seen in a long time”. Also, she kept stumbling upon her lines and with the inclusion of her dragged crowd involvement segments, she only added more dull time to the show. Even her Glinda costume trick wasn’t all that flashy or inspiring. What happened to our good old Ellen?

  1. 2.     John Travolta’s Imaginary Friend

Maybe he just isn’t a very big Broadway fan, or perhaps it was all the flashy lights and golden statues that got him puzzled – John Travolta really blotched up his pronunciation. As he introduced Idina Menzel as the Tony winner and vocal star of Frozen’s “Let It Go”, he called her “Adele Dazeem” and for a moment everyone was wondering who that imaginary star is. Seriously, John, learn the pronunciation of Idina Menzel before getting up on the stage. Also, this makes you wonder whether he is an Adele fan? A Freudian slip maybe. This can be easily labeled as the biggest flub of the 2014 Oscars Awards.

  1. 3.      Flop Rehearsals

So what happened to the Oscars rehearsals? Did they get canceled or something? For it was pretty clear that all presenters stumbled on a few words – like ALL of them. This includes the host, Ellen Degeneres as well. So, Adele Dazeem wasn’t the only fumbled line in Oscars 2014. Seriously guys, this is the Oscars, and you are all some of the best actors and actresses, surely you can get your lines right?

  1. 4.     The New Selfie Ritual

As Ellen gathered ten most famous actors and actresses for a gigantic Oscars selfie, Meryl Streep squeaked that she had never tweeted before. The picture went viral and became the most retweeted in Twitter’s history. Well was it trying really hard to get into what the “kids are doing these days” thing? Anyway, the response was a bit mixed on that, some loved it, while others found it ridiculous.

Ellen DeGeneres Most Retweeted Selfie at the Oscars

  1. 5.     The Heroes of Hollywood “Theme”

Among everything else, whether it be the selfies, no love for Leo (again) or falling actresses, awkward pre-shows and forgotten lines, probably the biggest blooper of 2014 Oscars ceremony was the supposedly meaningless theme of “Hollywood Heroes”. It resulted in endless and formless montages featuring almost every Hollywood character that could slightly be labeled as heroic, which of course included almost all men, and a few women. Maybe next time the producers need to focus more on another theme for better results.

A bit harsh you think. When millions of people watch, they are bound to have a billion opinions. What’s yours! We may be wrong. Share what you think about this year’s Oscars.

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