Top Gear Series 21 Update

Top Gear Season 21

Top Gear team have already been spotted out and about filming segments for Series 21 (which we predict will go to air on January 26th 2014, assuming there is no earlier “Christmas Special”).

You can see the recent encounters of the trio from around the world below.

Richard Hammond filming in the Australian Outback

Several tweets from @RichardHammond mention that he has arrived in Australia and is now at a remote cattle station in the outback. With lots of spiders. I doubt we’ll get any more info on why he is out there but we’ll wait and see.

TopGear are filming a new “Special” in Burma / Myanmar

Not many details on this one at the moment, but Jeremy tweeted that they are off to film a new Top Gear special. All we know is that they’re on a plane – more information as it comes to hand. As of 28/10/2013, Top Gear have been very tight lipped about where they actually are. Jeremy has been hammering Twitter (sadly it has been about Piers Morgan rather than Top Gear), however we’ve been able to work out from the time he tweeted that he was “going to sleep” that TopGear are roughly located somewhere between GMT +6:00 and +10:00 timezones.

Jeremy also stated that they were located somewhere remote, with little phone reception. We could be completely wrong, but to us this means they may be located somewhere around Russia, China, Mongolia, Australia or another country in that general vicinity. Wherever they are, they’re driving huge distances across seemingly remote areas. More information as it comes to hand.

Photos have surfaced of the TopGear team in Burma / Myanmar! Richard Hammond appears to be driving some type of old truck or camper/motorhome, which may hint that the other presenters are driving something similar. We’ll update this if any more photos show up.

Top Gear Season 21

Top Gear Season 21

Jeremy is in Belgium, driving the McLaren P1

Jeremy Clarkson tweeted that he was on a flight to Belgium to drive the McLaren P1, and soon after footage surfaced on YouTube showing him doing just that. Well, trying to anyway!

TopGear was later spotted filming at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

TopGear and James May filming at the National MicroCar Rally

James May was spotted with the TopGear team, filming at the National MicroCar Rally 2013. Apparently he later got behind the wheel of a Messerschmitt Tiger.

Jeremy spotted riding a Gibbs amphibious vehicle

A tumblr user snapped this photo of Jeremy testing a Gibbs Quadski in Bellagio, Italy, earlier this week. The person who took the photo apparently said Jeremy looked “very soaked and pissed the whole time”.

Top Gear Season 21

 Jeremy drives the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring in Italy

Not much detail on this one right now, but Jermey posted a photo on twitter of the new Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring in Italy with the comment “Well, today’s job isn’t very terrible.” On October 3rd, more recent photos emerged which also showed an Alfa Romeo 8c and two Corvettes.

Top Gear Season 21

Top Gear Season 21

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