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All the fans of How I Met Your Mother know how photogenic the characters are. But it is also one of the shows with some of the most heart touching and funny photograph moments. Can anyone forget Lily’s obsession with photographs being perfect? And how she (and Marshall) despise outsiders joining their group events because they ruin group photos. Here are some of the best photograph related incidents in “How I met Your Mother”

How I Met Your Mother

 Say Cheese

This is one of the most photographically rich episode; it is Lily’s 32nd birthday and Marshall wants it to be perfect. The fun starts when Lily unpacks her first present. It’s a camera. Her friends are worried because Lily will go to any lengths to get the perfect picture. This episode highlights Ted’s friendship with Lily. You can know who your true friends are from your photo albums. Those who attend each and every event of your life are your true friends.

This episode is memorable for its picture moments; some funny and some downright weird.

• Barney’s incapability of taking a bad picture and Robin’s attempts to catch him in a bad pose is really hilarious. She tries catching him unawares but no matter in what position she takes his photo, the picture turns out to be perfect, with Barney in the exact same pose in all of them. It is only later when Robin gives him chip and dip with Cilantro in it that Robin is able to get a bad picture of Barney as he starts sneezing due to cilantro allergy.

 How I Met Your Mother

• Marshal’s pictures are truly hilarious. In every one of his pictures, his eyes are closed and in Barney’s words Marshall “just looks dead, stoned and cold”.

 How I Met Your Mother

• Lily loves taking photos and she has a photo album for the gang. But in order to take her perfect photos she has often distorted reality. Ted comments that the pictures don’t reflect the disagreements or fights or any of the things that were going on when they were taken. This is shown through flashbacks which use some pretty memorable pictures from the gang’s shared past.

 How I Met Your Mother

• Lily’s attempt to take a group photo excluding Amanda; Ted’s date for the night leads to a flashback of all the girls Ted has brought to group events in the past and whose names he doesn’t remember anymore. There is a picture of Robin attending a Japanese wedding in the context.

 How I Met Your Mother

• There are many touching moments. For example the first picture in Lily’s album where Ted invites in Lily to his and Marshall’s picture even though he didn’t know whether Marshall and Lily would be together.

How I Met Your Mother has always used photos in unique and meaningful ways like no other show. The title sequence of the show is an amazing photo montage of the gang of 5 friends having fun to the trips down memory lane which is a trademark of the show. And the use of pictures to go back to the past is really commendable.

 How I Met Your Mother

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