Top Juiciest NDS Games That Are As Good As Cult Classics

I love the world of video gaming for to its variety. Everyone can play a game he or she will surely enjoy. Diversity is key that populates small fandoms of like minded individuals who are as far from blindly following pop culture as a poor man from Wall Street.

NDS spawned a lot of these fandoms who rarely get attention or pop culture references in wide-spread media that popularizes video gaming today. And you know what? Not all of these games have a very specific target audience. Some of them are as good (if not better) than the cult classics. It’s just that they were released in an odd time or not entirely understood from the start or had a really poor cover art leading to a chain of events that made them not too popular at the time.

Toddy the time has come for you to have a look at these loveable, but forgotten titles and replay them after a small but necessary NDS ROMs download session and get amazed with how awesome the game you’ve missed out on is!

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

This game was awesome even on Game Cube. People got addicted to creating their virtual homes in the bright, colorful realm of Animals Crossing. The odds were the game would be as popular on the NDS, especially given that the platform’s touch screen made it so much easier and more impactful. Sorting through an inventory was no longer a chore!

That noted, Animal Crossing was actually the first title to decently feature online gaming. These two factors alone should have made it a cult classic. And yet, something didn’t work out. Perhaps today is the time to change history and give Animal Crossing the rightful place it deserves in NDS’s hall of fame?

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

This game is as good, if not better than Final Fantasy itself – the graphics, storytelling, in-depth immersion and great action – were all there, present and fit for a delightful gaming experience. Truth be told, the game series was already a blast in Japan. The only reason it’s not as popular today is the fact that it was late to be released to western audiences. Shadow dragon was the first one to hit the shelves in the US.

Needless to say, people never knew what to expect from this amazing jRPG and, hence, it skipped by our attention spans. A real shame – to say the least…

Do you know any other cool games that are as cool as Castlevania, Contra or the FF series? Don’t hesitate and share them with us as well!

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