Top of the Apps: The Best Mobile Games for 2016

Bad Piggies

As we head further into 2016 the mobile gaming market doesn’t appear to be showing signs of slowing down. From retro looking games to apps featuring real people, the latest mobile apps now give gamers of all persuasions a way to enjoy themselves on the move.

With so much choice out there it can be tough to know which games to use your memory on. So, to ensure you don’t put a foot wrong, we’ve compiled out top five mobile games for 2016.

Sky Chasers

You can’t beat a classic platform game and Sky Chasers is the perfect mobile app for those that want Mario-style gaming for free. Beautifully retro and following all the conventions of the scrolling screen genre, Sky Chasers basically gets users to solve simple puzzles and upgrade their cardboard spaceship as they cruise through different worlds.

So far the game has a 4.5 star rating on iTunes, but as more people get to play this little gem you can expect that score to improve.

Smart Live Casino

If there’s one thing gamers of all persuasions have been gagging for ever since day dot it’s realism. Today, thanks advances in online and latterly mobile technology, it’s now possible to ante-up in a real casino setting.

When you download a free mobile casino app such as the one offered by Smart Live Casino, you’ll be able to enjoy a Las Vegas style gaming experience whenever and wherever you are. As simple as downloading the app, creating and account and playing games such as mobile live roulette, you can actually feel as though you’re face-to-face with a real dealer.

How is this possible? Live dealer tables. Combining RFID chips and web streams with traditional casino software has made it possible for Smart Live and its iGaming peers to connect real player and real dealers. That helps to create a real mobile Vegas experience on your mobile.

Her Story

Following the path laid down by live dealer games in the mobile casino world, Her Story is adding a dose of reality to mobile gaming. Created by Sam Barlow (formerly of Climax Studios), Her Story takes the player on a journey through a police case using actual video sequences.

After downloading the app (iOS only), your mission is to watch the police interviews, look for clues and piece together the narrative and solve the case. Although you’ll have to pay £3.99 for the app itself, it’s unlike many apps today as it doesn’t force you to make in-app purchases in order to keep the action flowing.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith? If so, WordBrain is the game for you. Free to download for Android users, this game might look like any other word puzzle game, but it’s really not. Although the basic premise is much like classic word search games, WordBrain forces you to slide in combinations of words in the correct order.

Only by finding the right words in the right order will you clear the grid and that’s what makes it so tricky. If you make a wrong move and choose a wrong word then it’s back to the start. What else makes it so tricky? Well, aside from 15 languages, there are 580 levels to complete which means you’ll be able to search for words until your heart’s content.

Bad Piggies

For our final mobile pick of 2016, we’ve gone with a classic remix. When it comes to mobile games, Angry Birds will not only go down in history as one of the biggest grossing games of all time, but an actual game changer.

Before Angry Birds the potential of the mobile gaming market was unknown, but after making £100 million+ each year since 2012, it proved that mobile gaming is the future. Naturally, with Angry Birds being such a big hit, Rovio simply had to release a follow-up.

Titled Bad Piggies, the game features more puzzles and more crazy animations as you shoot pigs from cannons and more.

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