Top Tech to Give for the Holidays

When it comes to Christmas wish lists, it’s pretty clear that tech takes the top spot whether you’re eight years old or eighty. But in case there were doubts, the Annual CEA Holiday Purchase Patterns Study confirms it. Sixty-three percent of U.S. adults are going to give the gift of technology this year, and those same adults are dreaming of finding tablets, TVs and shiny new phones under the tree.

Now if only that made shopping easier! A Harris Poll showed that almost half of all adults feel pressured to overspend and that goes when looking at parents of kids 18 and younger. The answer to the overspending issue may lie in shopping smarter. After all, when a giver finds the perfect gift on the first try they’re done. No need to grab that “just one more thing.”

Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy but the suggestions below may just help you grab the right gadget for everyone on your list – on your very first try.

140106C.Steel-Trio (Custom)

Smartwatches are for the sporty? Not anymore. Pebble Steel is every bit as classy as your dad’s Rolex and it’s a whole lot smarter. Sharp design meets affordability, water-resistance and cross-platform compatibility in this timepiece. It has a daylight-friendly display and just enough functionality to make it fun for those who don’t relish getting another gadget with a steep learning curve. Best part: this is not a smartwatch you have to baby, which means it’s one you could actually give your dad.


For the veteran snoop in your life there’s the Phantom drone. Besides the coolness of waking up to a drone under the tree there’s the fact that this one is almost uncrashable. A very effective autonomous flight system manages the drone’s four rotors for max stability so you can focus on taking pictures at 4384 x 3288 pixel resolution or recording 1080p high-definition video – all of which is sent directly to your smartphone via a live feed.


Lucky ladies may find a Ringly in their stockings. It’s a gorgeous high-impact gemstone statement ring with a secret. When the wearing receives a call, text, appointment reminder or other notification but prefers not to whip out her device, Ringly will vibrate unobtrusively.

Apple iPhone 6

Need something less gimmicky for the finicky? T-Mobile’s iPhone 6 is a surefire best bet. Literally, no one is going to be disappointed to unwrap an iPhone on Christmas morning, and the 6 is the bigger and better version of the original. Why T-Mobile? No contracts, free Wi-Fi calling and the carrier is giving away some free 4G LTE data when you buy– all of which makes for a very merry Xmas.

Pebble Steel

Some artsy types may stick with traditional media but if your favorite artist is down to try something new, definitely check out the Sensu Solo – a real paintbrush that can be used to “paint” on almost any tablet. An authentic painting experience in a virtual environment? Now that’s an amazing gift.


While a 3D printer may not fit into your budget, the next best thing – the 3Doodler – probably will. With its release, drawing in 3D has gone from impossible to possible thanks to the super fast drying plastic filament it uses. Draw vertically, horizontally or make beautiful loops and curves. Now anything you can imagine can become real!


Loved ones who feel comfy carrying a clutch will love Everpurse, the brainchild of Chicago fashion designers 1154 Lill St. and Laudi Vidni. It’s a stylish leather or fabric handbag in miniature but also so much more. It has a built-in charging dock that can be refreshed simply by dropping it onto its charging mat. Phone running low on juice when you’re on the run? No problem.

With gadgets like these, it’s no wonder tech is at the top of all our holiday wish lists. Now get out there and get buying – there are very few shopping days left until Christmas!

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