Top Ten Creepy Movie Kids

Kids in general tend to be naturally creepy but often on film they take it to new heights. We take a look at ten of the absolute creepiest to ever grace the big screen. Some of the selections will make sense and I think I may even surprise you with a few. Let’s get this list started with a kid who had the deck stacked against him from birth. Sometimes the universe is just not fair.

10. Damien Thorn from The Omen

I am kicking off this list with a kid who is undoubtedly creepy but you also kind of feel bad for, I mean is it his fault that his dad is the devil and he’s fated to lead to mankind’s ruin? Regardless Damien does embrace his destiny giving off a vibe of pure evil and inspiring those around him to do some really wacked out stuff, ie. the nanny at the birthday party. It may be all for him but all we get is a good case of the chills when this kid is around.

 9. Russell from Up

 He’s not evil or anything but his enthusiasm is so over the top that you can’t help be creeped out by him. He’s just a little too happy about everything he encounters. It makes me wonder if he hasn’t been stealing pills from these old folk he enjoys helping. And when he’s not a bundle of pep, he’s a full on bag of whine, as evidenced in this clip…

 8. Esther from Orphan

 Creep is definitely the word of the day when it comes to Esther from Orphan, but does she really deserve to be on this list? SPOILERS!!! Seeing as it turns out in the end that she is not really a kid at all, I hesitated before deciding to include Esther here. Then I re-watched a few scenes from the film and realized that right up until the twist is revealed, she is one of the most unnerving characters to exist on film.

7. Rhoda Penmark from The Bad Seed

 Sometimes the creepiest kids aren’t possessed by demons or the spawn of Satan, they’re just plain bad; as is the case with The Bad Seed herself, Rhoda. This pig tailed blonde figures out that she can get away with murder and discovers she enjoys it. There is no motivating twist, just the actions of a minute sociopath.

6. Lonnie from Deliverance

 Even if you’ve never seen Deliverance you certainly know who Lonnie is. He is the banjo picking kid who strums those notes that will forever be synonymous with backwoods country “lovin'”. Check out just how creepy this kid can get in the infamous dueling bajos scene from the movie.

 5. Carol Anne from Poltergeist

 The little blond psychic girl Carol Anne was spookier than ghosts in all of the Poltergeist. And let’s be honest, as the film series progressed she got even creepier! By the time the third film rolled around I could not blame her extended family members for wanting to send her away. Though perhaps her creepiest moment came in the very first film when the TV turned on spontaneously and young Carol Anne delivered an ominous message.

4. Isaac from Children of the Corn

Religious zealotry can be frightening enough on its own never mind when it comes in a pint sized package. Issac was the mouthpiece for “He who walks behind the rows” but was creepy enough on his own to warrant inclusion here. In a film packed with many creepy kids Issac definitely took top billing. He even gave the willies to the other scary kids, especially Malachi.

3. Gage from Pet Sematary

In Gage Creed we get one of those unique moments of creep where the intensity is racheted up by how cute the kid is, in contrast to how utterly evil he is also. From all appearances, even in his afterlife Gage is a cute kid, looking almost like a porcelain doll, but make no mistake he is filled with a murderous darkness.

2. The little blond girl from A Nightmare on Elm Street

 She may not have an actual name but if you are a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street films than you know exactly who I am talking about. You know her, cute little girl, blond hair, pig tails, prone to reciting creepy nursery rhymes, jumping rope, making chalk drawings and turning into a skeleton when you run down a bloody hallway with her in your arms. She’s as much a part of Freddy’s mythology as the glove and she is always popping up at the right moments to give you the chills. If I ever ran into her in person I am pretty sure I would never sleep again…

  1. Grady sisters from The Shining

 I serious contemplated giving this spot to Danny from The Shining but then I realized that there two kids in that movie that far outcreeped him on every level. I am of course referring to the ghostly Grady sisters who Danny encounters in various locations throughout the haunted hotel. These two go beyond basic creepy and are downright terrifying, especially when they ask Danny to play with them in the scene above.

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