Top Ten Online Gaming Trends


One thing is constant about the gaming industry: it is always changing! The modern online gaming sector is constantly evolving as new technology combines with player demand and developer ingenuity. Here are ten of the most important trends to look out for over the next few months.

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Gaming Diversity

Diversity in online gaming isn’t just about providing games and characters that will appeal to a wider audience than the traditional gaming community. It also includes the welcome trend of making gaming more accessible, through such innovations as games that are designed for Braille gaming devices and the possibility of being able to play games using only eye movement.

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Gaming in the Cloud

Cloud gaming isn’t a new concept but it is really starting to take off as some of the world’s major gaming brands embrace cloud gaming. Microsoft’s XCloud and Google’s Stadia are just the start of a trend that could enable players to play games without expensive PCs or consoles in the future.

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Cross-Platform Gaming

It has become clear to games publishers that being able to produce games that are accessible on multiple platforms is a great way to expand your audience. Xbox and PS4 players are already able to compete through the internet, and this trend is likely to continue, with even those using iOS and Android devices able to play the same games.

Virtual Reality

AR and VR

Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been long trailed, but while they are currently still a niche part of the online gaming world, it has been forecast that the VR market could be worth as much as $200 billion by 2021, as the price of VR hardware continues to fall.

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Immersive Casino

One of the biggest potential growth areas for VR technology is in the online casino world. Live dealer

online blackjack and other casino favorites have proven to be extremely popular, but VR offers the potential for players to enter a virtual casino, in which they can experience the casino atmosphere while interacting with other players.


Gaming with 5G

The arrival of 5G technology has the potential to bring about another leap forward in online gaming. Essentially, 5G offers ten times the speed of 4G, as well as addressing the lag issues that plague some modern online games. The initial benefits will be felt by mobile gamers, but 5G will eventually help to dramatically boost online gaming playability for everyone.

The Reach of Big Data

The gaming industry is big business around the world, generating significantly more revenue than the movie sector. That has led developers to increasingly employ big data methods to identify the most popular and successful features with players. This should lead to a better quality of the game, as well as a faster and more responsive approach to updates.

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Indie Games

The development of games building technology has opened up the game producing world to more independent companies. Indie gaming has already produced classics such as Minecraft and Stardew Valley and we can expect the indie sector to continue to bring innovation and diversity to gamers.

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Single Player Gaming

For many years, multiplayer online gaming has been the dominant force in the gaming sector, but recently there has been a trend for single-player story-driven games, a trend epitomized by the success of God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2, and the much-hyped Cyberpunk 2077 is set to give that trend further impetus later in 2020.

Social Gaming

Social media has helped to blur the lines between gaming and socializing and the increase in functionality of gaming platforms, as well as the development of Twitch streaming integration with AAA games, is likely to lead to an increasing crossover between social media and gaming media.

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