Tour of an Abandoned Wild West WESTWORLD-Style Japanese Animatronic Theme Park

Abandoned theme park

I love checking out abandoned ghost towns, mines, and other interesting places and love to learn about the history of them. Today I stumbled upon an abandoned Westworld-style wild west animatronic theme park in Japan, check it out below.

Micah Moore of Beat Down Boogie had the chance to go to the city of Nikko in the Tochigi Prefecture of Japan to visit the deserted Western Village and shared a video tour for those of us who can’t go to Japan to check it out for themselves.

The park was opened in 1975, and it closed down in 2007. The remains of this park are actually very eerie and scary with its animatronic figures, rusting stagecoaches, and western buildings – some of which once housed arcades – still around… all decaying and going back to nature. This is a brilliant backdrop for a horror movie!

Westworld in real life! This spooky Old West amusement park in Japan used to be filled with animatronic characters. Most of the buildings are locked up tight these days, with the robot cowboy residents holed up inside.


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