Tourists’ Romance: The Ultimate Way to Survive a Breakup?


When your relationship culminates into a breakup, you are shocked at first. Even if you were secretly hoping that your relationship ends, when you face the end you cannot escape the shock. In any case, you’ve been building something together for months or even years, and then all of a sudden it all comes crumbling down. After the shock comes the pain, and no matter how convinced you are in your strength, you are most likely to experience depression. The best way is to admit that you are depressed and that it is hard for you to bear the loss of your partner. Unfortunately, a lot of people are trying to hide those feelings, which results in extending the depression. That’s when you need to think about how to get over a breakup. Dude, there are lots of women for dating out there anyway!

There are two ways how to deal with a breakup. The most logical and the most common way is to devote your time to yourself and your friends. Most likely you couldn’t dedicate enough time to yourself and your friends when you were in a relationship, so a breakup is a nice option to remember what it is like to spend your time on your own or partying with those close to you. This way helps you to overcome your breakup, free yourself and get ready to start a new relationship.

Another way how to survive a breakup is to start a new relationship. While a lot of people are fine with that solution, they are completely ignoring how tricky this way is. First of all, you need to be sure that neither you nor your ex-partner isn’t secretly hoping to reconcile. Secondly, you must be sure that you are ready to jump on board of the love boat right after your ship has sunk. Otherwise, you will cause pain to yourself, your ex-partner, and your new partner. So, the best way is a tourist romance, and we are going to explain to you why.


1. You Decide How Long It Would Last

Tourist romance – that’s how to survive a bad breakup, if you are not sure whether you would reconcile with your ex-partner, and how long this new romance would last. Let’s be honest, we often throw our saviors under the bus. It goes like “Thanks for the time we had together. It helped me to heal my wounds. Now I can love again – bye!”. When you are on a tourist trip, your new partner mustn’t know about your past and that you are coping with a painful breakup. Of course, you can tell, but only if you want to. If you don’t, you can have your time on a trip, and your romance will end as soon as the trip.


2. You Decide If You Would See Each Other Again

Apart from deciding how long your romance will last, you are deciding whether you would see each other again or not. It is up to you to add your tourist romance partner on Facebook. It is up to you whether to give him or her your phone number or email. If you don’t want to – just don’t, as it is highly unlikely that you will see each other again.


3. There Are Almost No Responsibilities

As there is a little possibility that you will see each other again, there are almost no responsibilities. Let’s face it, no one is really expecting tourist romance to culminate in something serious. Still, you must remember about your and your partner’s health, so mind STDs and use condoms when you are going in for a tourist romance.

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