Toy Story 4 Will be About Woody’s Love Story

Toy Story 4

Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter has finally confirmed the plot for Pixar’s much-anticipated Toy Story 4.

“It’s a love story with Woody and—and this is news—Bo Peep,” said Lasseter. “At Pixar and at Disney, we only make sequels if we come up with a story that’s as good or better than the original. That’s our rule. We don’t do things just to print money.”

Bo Peep was introduced as Woody’s love interest in the original 1995 Toy Story, as voiced by Annie Potts. She was conspicuously absent from Toy Story 3, only briefly glimpsed in Andy’s home movies after apparently having been sold. Whether they plan to bring her back into the fold somehow or if the story is a prequel remains to be seen.

Still officially unconfirmed at this time, it’s just about a certainty that Toy Story 4 will feature the return of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack and the rest of the hit franchise’s diverse voice talent.

Release Date June 16, 2017.

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