Trailer For Paradise

Trailer For Paradise

Juno writer Diablo Cody has directed her first feature film, Paradise. It stars Julianne Hough, Russell Brand, and Octavia Spencer. If you like Cody’s style, then maybe this will be a movie you’d want to see. It seems like people either love or hate her stuff so if you don’t care for the films she has written then this might not be for you.

Here’s the synopsis for her new film:

[box] After a nearly fatal accident, 21-year-old Lamb Mannerheim (Hough) is beginning to realize that the world is much bigger than her small, God-fearing Montana town. Armed with a big, fat insurance payout and a checklist of untried sins, there’s only one place for her first taste of temptation…Las Vegas! And, with the help of a few new friends (Brand and Spencer), Lamb embarks on an oddball odyssey of lost souls, broken faith and cheap cocktails…a true journey of the heart.[/box]

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