Trailer For The Hunt

Trailer For The Hunt

Mostly we have enough drama in our own daily lives, but I think once in a while there comes a movie drama, that must come on our list to see.  The Hunt is a frightening MUST see movie, which was directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

Here is the synopsis:

“The Hunt” is a disturbing depiction of how a lie becomes the truth when gossip, doubt, and malice are allowed to flourish and ignite a witch-hunt that soon threatens to destroy an innocent man’s life.

Mads Mikkelsen plays Lucas, a former school teacher who has been forced to start over having overcome a tough divorce and the loss of his job. Just as things are starting to go his way, his life is shattered. An untruthful remark throws the small community into a collective state of hysteria. The lie is spreading and Lucas is forced to fight a lonely fight for his life and dignity.

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