Trailer: Nintendo Revealed a New Mobile Game Called DR. MARIO WORLD


Nintendo revealed a new mobile game and it is called Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario World it looks very similar to the original Dr. Mario, but instead of Tetris-like gameplay, you drag the capsule to the general area you want it to go. Balance two viruses of the same color with one pill of said color in order to remove them. It looks really simple but for some, but the most simple ones are the most addictive.

Dr. Mario World will offer in-app purchases using the money Diamonds that you use real money to get. These diamonds let you get items, restore stamina, or continue stages. It looks like you’ll be able to play the entire game without using them though.

Also, Mario brought his friends along for the fun. You’ll be able to open other characters, each with a different ability to use while playing. For example, Peach will clear one random column. These characters will have 5 worlds and over 200 stages at release with more stages, worlds, and doctors to be added frequently after launch.

It will be released on July 10 on Android and iOS. You can even pre-register for the game on the official site.

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