TRANSFORMERS CHESS Comes With 32 Unique Figures


Hasbro has joined forces with Hero Collector to provide Transformers fans a tremendous, and expensive, treat. Hero Collector recently released a Kickstarter campaign for Transformers Gen-1 Chess Set. The chess set comes with 32 unique game pieces modeled after the Autobots and Decepticons in their robot forms. Each piece stands 4-6” tall and comes with a Cybertron-themed chessboard.

    • King: Optimus Prime

    • Queen: Elita One

    • Bishop: Ultra Magnus

    • Bishop: Grimlock

    • Knight: Hot Rod

    • Knight: Springer

    • Rook: Iron Hide

    • Rook: Ratchet

    • Pawn: Arcee

    • Pawn: Bluestreak

    • Pawn: Bumblebee

    • Pawn: Jazz

  • Pawn: Prowl

  • Pawn: Sideswipe

  • Pawn: Sunstreaker

  • Pawn: Wheeljack

And here are the Decepticons:

    • King: Megatron

    • Queen: Starscream

    • Bishop: Skywarp

    • Bishop: Thundercracker

    • Knight: Shockwave

    • Knight: Soundwave

    • Rook: Astrotrain

    • Rook: Blitzwing

    • Pawn: Brawl

    • Pawn: Frenzy

    • Pawn: Laserbeak

    • Pawn: Ravage

    • Pawn: Rumble

    • Pawn: Scrapper

  • Pawn: Shrapnel

  • Pawn: Thrust

As of the time of writing, the Kickstarter has approximately 42 days left in the campaign and the products are projected to ship out in December 2022. You can back the project at various levels including $50 for an Optimus Prime piece or $600 for the entire set and board. If you go up to $700, you’ll also get Galvatron and Rodimus Prime replacement King pieces.

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