Transporter 4-6 Announced

Transporter 4

Three New Films In The Transporter Franchise Announced

In Cannes 2013 new installments of the Jason Statham’s Transporter Franchise announced with Luc Besson’s Europa Corp just striking a deal at Cannes for another three instalments.

Before you get too excited, there’s no mention at all yet that Statham will be returning to his signature role as Frank Martin, the driver who never changes the deal and never opens the package. Statham played the role in three films and the first one was worth mentioning, Transporter 3 was mostly all about the AUDI he was driving, It was like AUDI was in the main lead character like Mercedes was in the lead in the all new Die Hard 5.

The deal as thrashed out is between EuropaCorp and its new Chinese partner Fundamental Films. It’s a co-financing, production and distribution arrangement, with Transporters 4-6 each budgeted at a not-too-modest $30m-$40m. Not, say, as a random example, Fast & Furious levels of mayhem then, but not bargain basement straight-to-DVD action either. At least one of the three films will be shot in China.

You do wanna see Statham in the new movies, Don’t you ?

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