The Most Traumatic Moments in PG-Rated Films


I have seen many PG-rated movies as a kid that I absolutely loved. Back in the day movies got away with a lot of crazy stuff, some of that stuff might be considered traumatizing or somewhat dark. I remember watching several films that I loved as a kid when I was an adult and was shocked at the things that were in those PG-rated movies and filmmakers got away with it, maybe we have higher standards for kids now or kids nowadays are much touchy than before.

ScreenCrush created this video that shows off a lot of these scenes. If you remember any of these scenes do tell us in the comments what you think of them now.

The MPAA introduced the PG-13 rating on July 1, 1984. Before that, there was no rating between PG and R, and some PG movies really pushed the boundaries of what was appropriate viewing for kids. In this video, watch some of the most shocking, horrifying, and traumatizing moments from PG (and G!) rated films.

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