Travelers Are Sharing The 10 Ugliest Cities They’ve Ever Visited

Every state is amazing in its own way and with varying cultures, architecture, and climates but, if I’m being honest, there are some ugly cities out there.

You know which ones I’m talking about. The cities that when you pull into town you just feel an overwhelming sense of depression. That could be for any number of reasons.

Here is the list of cities which people think are ugly.

1. Gary, IN

10 Ugliest Cities

“Gary, Indiana. The entire city was gray. No color. I thought I had gone color blind until I got to Chicago.”

2. Las Vegas, NV


“Vegas. Although I wouldn’t call it much of a city; it was more of a clusterf*** of buildings, neon, and wasted lives all stitched together smack in the middle of bumf*** nowhere.”

3. Bakersfield, CA

This_ApparatusWikimedia Commons

“Bakersfield, CA – Never in my life have I seen such a sour sight. Oil wells as far the eye can see that it almost looks a heard of stationary ants humping the soil.”

4. Los Angeles, CA


“LA. depressing concrete s***hole and I’m glad I visited nicer cities in the USA. everyone was so angry/sad there.”

5. El Paso, TX


“El Paso, Texas, depresses the hell out of me.”

“As someone born and raised there, agree to a point. There are some charming bits but those are small and connected by strip mall hell. And that drive along I-10 where there are McMansions on the mountain on the US and shantytowns on the Mexican side is truly a lesson in the distribution of capital. I do miss hiking around the mountains and driving to Hueco tanks to boulder.”

6. Modesto, CA


“Modesto, CA. It should be a crime to make a city as ugly as Modesto in a state with so much beauty.”

7. Youngstown, OH


“Youngstown, Ohio. Pure depression.”

“I was thinking of going to Youngstown State University and I went to visit the campus and noticed the same thing. This was in the late 90s.”

8. Albuquerque, NM

COGspartaN7Wikimedia Commons

“Albuquerque, NM. Let me paint a picture. In a rental car after 14 hours of driving, I make it about halfway into town. And need gas badly. I pull over to a pretty empty gas station. Just Some oily cardboard sheets spread out here and there. Trees pretty much envelope 3/4s of the sides of the building itself.

I get ready to slide my card in the reader when 6 individuals start exiting the cover of the trees. Three guys take up sitting or lying down on the strewn cardboard and three women/girls of questionable age somewhere between 16 and 40 I ballpark approach my car and try to hem and haw and cough to get my attention. I pull my card back, say “aww s***, declines. F***.” Get back in my car and speed away. In my rearview I see more people keep coming out of the trees. They didn’t look pleased.”

9. Johnstown, PA

RXIXX777Jon Dawson

“Johnstown, Pennsylvania… You can almost feel that the city is dying a slow, unsettling death…”

10. Aberdeen, WA

audiateWikimedia Commons

“After I visited Aberdeen, Washington I felt like I understood Kurt Cobain better. The natural surroundings are stunningly beautiful, but in the middle of it, there’s this gray, dark, depressing town built on a swamp that feels like it’s sucking the life out of you. If a town could have feelings, this one would be utterly, hopelessly depressed.”

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