Treasure Hunting Adventure Series SURFSIDE GIRLS Trailer is Here


Apple TV+ has released the fun new trailer for its new coming-of-age adventure series Surfside Girls, which follows two best friends as they discover themselves on a journey about a cursed treasure, an age-old evil, and they are joined by a ghost pirate boy.

Surfside Girls is based on the bestselling IDW graphic novel series of the same name by author Kim Dwinell. It stars Miya Cech (Rim of the World), YaYa Gosselin (We Can be Heroes), and Spencer Hermes-Rebello (Troppo).

The live-action series follows best friends Sam and Jade as they solve supernatural mysteries in their sleepy California beach town. These best friends must combine their polar opposite strengths of imagination and logic in order to solve the supernatural mysteries that hide just beneath the surface of their town.”

Surfside Girls will air on August 19th.

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