Tricked out Cars to Fuel Your Nerd Fantasies

Some cars are so cool, they can feed your car-enthusiast side, while simultaneously satisfying your inner nerd. If you have a need for speed paired with a quirky intellect and a sense of taste, then these amazing nerd-centric cars will be right up your alley. People do prefer such cars when they travel to foreign lands for some added extra fun if you want to rent a party bus which is something cool and different you can always check for some awesome pieces of hardware.

Tricked Out Cars to Fuel Your Nerd Fantasies 1

Pokemon Cars

The streets of Japan got a whole lot nerdier when the Pokémon Toyota hit the road. These cars were given away to a few lucky folks as part of a promotional strategy for Pokémon’s Pocket Monsters film. Each has been tricked out to represent some of the franchise’s most beloved characters. There is an Alphard minivan, an Oshawott Porte, and, of course, the bright and fun-loving Pikachu Porte, complete with ears and tail. 

Tricked Out Cars to Fuel Your Nerd Fantasies 2

Xbox Kits

For those who aren’t content to leave their video games at home, the Xbox car kit can turn any car into your favorite game room. The modification kit includes a controller built into the steering wheel, green LED lights, and a replica Xbox360 installed into the dash. 

DeLorean Limo

DeLorean Limo

If you are lucky enough to find your nerd soulmate, then you have to arrive at your wedding in style. And there’s no better way to do that than in the Back to the Future-inspired DeLorean stretch limousine created by Rich Weissensel. Inspired after a meeting with founder John DeLorean at an auto show in 2000, Weissensel began creating custom DeLoreans in earnest. His six-door limo stretches as long as a school bus, and uses parts from five or six different cars. Other impressive creations from Weissensel include a DeLorean roadster and a towering monster truck DeLorean he lovingly calls D-Rex. 

R2-D2 VW bus

R2-D2 VW bus

No nerd-centric discussion would be complete without a Star Wars mention. Luckily, one fan drew inspiration from a Star Wars marathon and decided to trick out his 1992 Volkswagen bus. At first glance, the bus is covered in an epic custom paint job that makes it look just like R2-D2. However, it’s actually the product of many hours of painstaking Photoshop design, and the careful application of digitally-printed vinyl stickers. Every detail of the droid’s design is perfectly placed. Even more impressive is the fact that the designer has generously shared his design plans on the internet for anyone with an old bus and some time on their hands to take advantage of.

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