Trinity Three Blade PC Rig Unveiled By CyberPower

Trinity Three Blade PC Rig Unveiled By CyberPower

CyberPower unveiled their new PC system in the form of the CyberPowerPC Trinity system, that is split into three “blades” and has been designed to provide the maximum possible cooling effect on the components inside.

The unique blade design of the Trinity Blade PC allows for powerful configurations explains CyberPower, with each blade housing a different component and the case supporting 120mm liquid cooling for the processor.

Trinity Three Blade PC Rig Unveiled By CyberPower

The “Performance Blade” houses the graphics card, the “Storage Blade” in the Trinity PC has been designed to fit up to 3 x solid state disk (SSD) drives, 2 x mechanical hard drives and even a slim optical drive if desired. Finally the “CPU Blade” is compatible with mini ITX motherboards with both Intel and AMD chipsets, and supports up to 16GB of DDR3 memory. Cyber Power explains a little more about Trinity’s design and specifications.

“Trinity is anything but ordinary. Split into three “blades”, the Trinity is designed to provide maximum cooling capacity to the major heat-generating components in the system individually. The tri-point design of the Trinity allows for in this striking chassis.

The “Performance Blade” houses the graphics card that allows the Trinity to rip through the latest games. It supports full-length graphics cards, including the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X and AMD Radeon R9 series. Several SSDs can be mounted adjacent to the graphics card for extra storage flexibility and performance.

Trinity is also a very rugged and sturdy case. The steel blade casings each weigh 10lbs, providing air channeling and an extremely solid base. The Trinity can be situated on two of the blades with one pointing up vertically, or perched on a single blade. A hollow hexagonal steel spine connects all three blades and acts as a conduit for cable management.”

Source: CyberPower

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