Trump Shows a Knock-Off ‘Game of Thrones’ Poster at a Cabinet Meeting


Citizens of Westeros, brace yourselves: “Sanctions are coming,” according to President Trump’s latest Game of Thrones – knock-off poster.

On Wednesday, Trump attended a cabinet meeting to talk about the stock market, North Korea, and the border wall. However, those weren’t the only major highlights of the meeting. Trump’s knock-off Game of Thrones poster took the spotlight, and the internet wasn’t happy about it, Design Taxi reported.

On Nov. 2, Trump revealed the Game of Thrones-style poster on his Twitter account. It is similar to the Game of Thrones‘ slogan, Trump took “winter is coming,” and changed it into a political meme within seconds. On Wednesday, Trump put the same poster right in the middle of the cabinet meeting table. Twitter users quickly noticed the piece of paper and said their mind and their frustrations on the social media.

President Trump’s Game of Thrones-inspired poster debut comes on the heels of the current government shutdown, which is in its 13th day. The shutdown has affected roughly 800,000 federal workers, including those who work at U.S. national parks.

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