Trump Supporters’ Attempt Boycott Stephen King IT Failed Miserably

Stephen King Donald Trump

President Donald Trump supporters called for a boycott of the new film “It” because of author Stephen King’s harsh criticism of the president.

Well, It didn’t work at all.

The highly anticipated movie broke box office records and is anticipated to earn a mountainous $117 million during its opening weekend.

The most recent dispute between the author and Trump supporters begins last month when King saw that Trump had blocked him on Twitter. The author tried to seek revenge by “blocking” the president from seeing “It” and “Mr. Mercedes.”

In answer, Trump supporters posted a message to Reddit last week asking the president’s fans to withdraw from watching “It” during the film’s opening weekend with the hopes that the movie would have a “lousy showing.”

stephen king trump reddit

Instead, Variety reported Sunday that “It” will become the largest September debut and rake in the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror movie.


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