The Truth Behind Storage Wars: Why We All Find The Show Addictive


Storage Wars is one of the most addicting shows that A&E airs. The show focuses on abandoned storage lockers and the people bidding on them in auction, hoping to find buried treasures within. Half entertainment and half educational, the show explores various lockers and shows footage of the auctions. Viewers can see bids and grow attached to the various characters on the show as they all hope to strike it big and increase their investments.

Educational and Entertaining

It’s no secret that shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars combine history with entertainment. Storage Wars follows suit, showing the few gems buried behind piles of old newspapers. It leaves the audience wondering what they will uncover next and if it will be worth anything. Experts review each thing the Storage Wars participants choose to bring in, and the audience is treated to a short history lesson. The real excitement is in the value of the object, which may or may not make the locker purchased a good investment. People love to see others discover dust-covered treasures and either gain or lose money.

Bidders are at War

Part of the addiction is in the people participating in each auction. Each storage warrior has their own story and budget. This can make for interesting bid wars. Everyone gets a five-minute look at the locker before bidding, which they use to decide how much they are willing to pay. The bids intensify when locker prices start to reach people’s budgets. You’ll see emotions fly as people interact before, after, and during the bidding. As audiences grow attached to the bidders, they continue to watch. And many of the bidders are now regulars on the show, traveling to many different locations to view and bid on these storage units. Palo Alto is just one of the common areas the show takes place because of the wealth and interesting items that end up in the area.

Audiences also get to see people develop their auctioning skills over time. Some of the more experienced bidders will spot something poking out of a box that no one else will or go home without bidding a cent because they didn’t see anything good. This development, along with the rivalries displayed between the bidders, allows for some variety and drama with each episode. Because there is a lack of continuity, more people tune in each week.

Storage Wars at Home

Some people are also addicted to the show because they are inspired to make money themselves. Storage bidding has become increasingly popular since the show started to air. People enjoy the hobby and many use it to build their own pawn shops or resale businesses. Shows that inspire people to follow the American dream are always addicting, because many people use the historical information and strategies displayed to heart.

This is a great family show that can capture the hearts and entertainment of all family members. It offers a little something for everyone and allows you to become familiar with different aspects of the many rich cultures around us. Who knows, it could even lead you to a new hobby yourself.


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