TUBBZ Has Some Cute Costumed Ducks Ready for Pre-Order Now


Here we have something really cool collectibles and/or rubber ducks, you’ll want to check out the TUBBZ collectible ducks over at Geek Store. They’re cute rubber ducks dressed up as some amazing characters from video games, TV shows, and movies. All of the TUBBZ ducks are on pre-order right now for $12.99 with expected delivery in February 2020. Here’s the listing of characters available:

  • Borderlands 3: Brick, Lilith, Maya, Moxxi, Psycho, Tina, Troy Calypso, Tyreen Calypso

  • Crash Bandicoot: Coco, Crash, Dr. N. Gin, Dr. Neo Cortex

  • DC Comics: Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Robin

  • Destiny: Cayde-6, Eris Morn, Lord Shaxx, Sweeper Bot

  • Fallout: Nuka Cola Pin UP Girl, T-51, Vault Boy, Vault Girl

  • Ghostbusters: Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz, Winston Zeddemore

  • Lord of the Rings: Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Legolas, Sauron

  • Skyrim: Alduin, Dovahklin, Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, Ulfric Stormcloak

  • Spyro the Dragon: Elora, Moneybags, Ripto, Spyro

  • Street Fighter: Blanka, Chun Li, Ken, Ryu

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