Tubi’s ALIENS, ABDUCTIONS AND UFOS: ROSWELL AT 75 Documentary Trailer Released


This year celebrates the 75th anniversary of the notorious Roswell Incident, and in celebration of the aliens’ crash on Earth all those years ago, Tubi has just released an original documentary called Aliens, Abductions and UFOs: Roswell at 75.

After 75 years, the events at Roswell, New Mexico still spark the imagination of fans who look to the skies for answers and intelligent life. UFOs are more significant than ever right now as the government has verified their existence and there are new videos coming up all the time.

What does our government really know about unidentified aerial phenomena? On the 75th anniversary of the alleged UFO crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico, comes the Tubi two-hour documentary special ALIENS, ABDUCTIONS, AND UFOS: ROSWELL AT 75.

We’ll explore why Americans first became obsessed with little green men, the truth behind the notoriously secret Area 51, and proof of alien existence, guided by first-person interviews from the eyewitnesses, abductees and scientific experts leading the exploration today – all to make you believe: we are not alone.

The doc comes from FOX Alternative Entertainment and Streetcar Entertainment, and it’s executive-produced by Robert Twilley (Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts, Snapped), Mike Welsh (Gone Before Her Time, Alaska State Troopers), and Maggie Mock (Scariest Monsters in America, Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts).

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