Tubi’s New Horror Film THE AMITYVILLE CURSE Trailer


Recently released on Tubi, a streaming platform, is another installment of the Amityville horror franchise titled “The Amityville Curse.” This film serves as an adaptation of Hans Holzer’s renowned 1981 novel of the same name, which also inspired a 1990 movie with a matching title.

According to reports, this new adaptation of Hans Holzer’s novel takes a modern approach to the well-loved franchise, presenting a fictionalized storyline that stays faithful to the original book. The plot revolves around a group of friends who acquire a notorious house with the intention of renovating it and selling it for a profit. However, their plans take a chilling turn when they uncover a malevolent and supernatural presence within the dwelling, determined to unleash havoc and destruction.

The screenplay for “The Amityville Curse” was penned by Dennis Heaton, known for his work on “Motive,” while the directorial responsibilities were assumed by Éric Tessier, acclaimed for his film “You Will Remember Me.” The project is backed by an impressive team of executive producers, including Graham Ludlow, Kaleigh Kavanagh, Brook Peters, and Shari Segal, all of whom were involved in the creation of the horror film “Terror Train.” Additionally, Alexandra Holzer, daughter of Hans Holzer and an esteemed author in her own right, contributed to the production, aiming to honor her father’s legacy and maintain the authenticity of his work.

If you’re curious to delve into the world of “The Amityville Curse,” you can find the official trailer to get a glimpse of the spine-chilling atmosphere. The film itself is currently available for streaming on Tubi. However, early indications suggest that it may not be a highly acclaimed addition to the franchise, so proceed with caution if you decide to watch it.

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