Turtle Beach ‘Atom’ Is The New Switch-Like Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller

Turtle Beach 'Atom'

Turtle Beach is releasing something really cool for the Xbox Cloud Gaming, Its latest mobile controller, the ‘Atom’. This gamepad is another Nintendo Switch-like affair where the controller splits up and molds around your mobile device.

The Atom is officially licensed for Xbox, with Turtle Beach working alongside Microsoft to guarantee smooth cloud gaming playback through Xbox Game Pass. Check out the pad’s standout features:

    The Atom magnetically fuses together into a convenient, compact shape to fit in your pocket, and console-style controls provide a familiar console experience to mobile.
    The Atom connects to your Android device via Bluetooth connection and is formed from two independent modules that are connected via a proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless link.
    Each controller module is powered by its own battery cell, giving you 20 hours of total battery life on a single charge. When it is time to charge, the Atom quickly recharges in just 2.5 hours.
    Atom is equipped with full-size thumb-sticks, a d-pad, bumpers, triggers, and ABXY buttons for precise responsive controls on any cloud streaming title.​

The Atom also comes in a range of different colors so you can really customize how this thing looks while gaming on the go. It will cost you $100 US or £90 in the UK.

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