TV Shows’ Life Hacks Ideas You Will Need At College

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Student life isn’t that easy as it may seem, at first sight, however, each next year will be much easier than the previous. The freshman year is a big challenge for any college student, but also you gain a lot of precious experience after the freshman year of studying in college. All in all, with the help of different TV Shows’ life hacks for students, your studying at college may go smoothly. All you need to do is to obey college tips to make your studying less complicated and challenging. Here are college life hacks that will help you to make your life in college smoother

Book requirements

Speaking about professors’ requirements to students, any teacher has his or her own list of required literature concerning the class. You can easily find out the list of needed books before the starting of the school year, by writing an email to a professor. You can do it together with your group mates or independently by yourself, not to waste time and not to lose your progress during the academic year. Sometimes, there are books you cannot download, but buy, so it takes some time to find them in bookstores and buy. Hence, you can easily do it before your studies and get ready for the studies without difficulties.

Professors’ office hours

You can also find out professors’ office hours likewise you do it with literature. Students always have access to this information on the websites of their universities. Hence, find professors’ office hours and put them into google calendar. That is very comfortable because you don’t need to google it anytime you need it. The information is already on your phone.


Among useful college hacks, there is one that is essential for any student. Google Calendar is a great tool that can be very beneficial to you. Besides professors’ office hours, put your classes into google calendar, and you will never need to search for the room and day of this or that class.

Studying location

Finding a suitable and inspiring space to do studies is half of your academic success. The place where you do your home tasks and some projects affects your productivity. It may inspire you, or it may demotivate you depending on the feelings it evokes you for.  Think of locations that are comfortable for you to do your home projects before the studies.

Do not skip lessons
An important rule of college student hacks states: even if you think that some classes are ridiculous and they just waste your time, try not to skip it because you never know when a professor can give you extra credit for attendance or drop a test all of a sudden.

Useful online resources
There are dozens of useful online platforms that you can use in your favor during the studies. For example, there is a website, which lets you order an essay that will be written by the experts. Also, an explanation can be found there as well.  

Summer Orientation

Sometimes a college offers a position of a consultant that helps with summer orientation for incoming students. Don’t miss this chance and apply for it! This is an excellent opportunity to master your communicative skills and earn some money!

College dorm hacks

If you have a chance to choose where to live during your freshman year, either in an apartment or in the dormitory, choose the last one. Dormitories or residence halls are all about socialization that is extremely important for a first-year student. There you can set friendly relations with good people.

Explore the campus around

Try to find out what opportunities your college can offer. Most of the universities have free sports centers, libraries, swimming pools, tennis courts, and many others. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore your campus around.


Summer internships are great opportunities to gain experience and develop skills before graduating a college. Each internship program is beneficial to you as it forces you to forge professional connections that could help you later.

Study partner

Find a friend with who you can do your homework. There is much fun in studying together, and, secondly, the academic success of your partner will motivate you and make you learn things with better progress.

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