TV Shows with New Seasons & New Drama

It may be good news for the people, who are diehard fans of small screen as some of the biggest series are going to renew their seasons. Here are some of the shows, which are going to premiere their seasons very soon.

1. Dexter :


On 30 June, 2013, crime drama and suspense show is going to feature its eighth season. The focus character of the series is Dexter, who is adopted by a Miami police officer after the death of his parents. Dexter is on a hunt to kill those criminal, who have escaped justice. Along with him, there are several characters, which can be seen in various instalments. The eighth season will be interesting as lots of secrets are expected to be revealed.

2. True Blood:

True Blood

The supernatural drama show has featured its five seasons and the sixth season is going to entertain the fans on 16 June, 2013. The last season has left the viewers with lots of questions in their mind, which are expected to be answered in the upcoming season. The storyline of the show is about a telephonic waitress, who had explored the world of vampire and now dealing with its creatures.

3. Big Brother :

Big Brother

Reality show is a big hit from a long time. Contestants live in a house, where cameras are catching their activities and to win the prize money worth $500,000, they have to compete with each other. Show’s fifteenth seasons will be premiered on 26 June, 2013. What type of entertainment the reality show will offer to the viewers, it will be interesting to see.

4. Suits:


The two successful seasons of the show have enhanced the curiosity of the viewers for its third season, which will premiere its first episode on 16th July, 2013. The legal drama has started its journey on 23 June, 2011. The storyline is about a college dropout Mike Ross and the best lawyer of the city, Harvey. They work together to put the criminal behind the bars.

5. Breaking Bad :

Breaking Bad

The fan following of the show is enough to show that how popular the crime, drama show is! Series has five seasons, whose final season is split into two parts: The first part is completed on 5 September and the second part will start its journey on 11 August, 2013. The story focuses on a high school chemistry teacher, who turns bad when he finds that he is suffering from a serious disease.

So, get ready to glue with your seats, as all these shows are going to be hilarious.

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