Tweeting Bra is No Man’s Friend

Tweeting Bra

As its name suggests, the Tweeting Bra sends out a tweet whenever it’s unhooked. Clearly, this is no guy’s friend, especially if one of your girl’s Twitter followers is her dad. This world is getting stranger and stranger! One way ticket to Mars please.

*phone rings* Holy sh’t, it’s your dad!
What? Answer it!
No, we’re in the middle of… Hello, sir? We’re, uh, we’re studying.
*long pause* Yessir.
What it is?
Get rid of that damn bra, woman, it tweeted again!

Okay, so that’s an awkward conversation no dude wants to have. Like ever. The Tweeting Bra is actually a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. Every time it’s unhooked, the wearer’s account will send out a tweet letting all her followers know this fact. Good intentions? Definitely. But for guys? Say hello to a bit of a dry spell.

More about the campaign (and a video!) here.

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