TWISTERS: Sequel To 90s Twister Movie is on The Way

Twister Movie

While Top Gun: Maverick might have it beaten by 10 years in terms of time between movies, it has been quite the wait for any sort of sequel to 1996’s Twister. But Universal is putting the pieces in place for a new round of storm chasing.

While Jan de Bont directed the original, which saw Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as driven researchers tracking down… well… twisters, the search is on for someone to tackle the new film, currently called, in a shocking move, Twisters.

The Revenant‘s Mark L. Smith has written a script that reportedly focuses on the daughter of Hunt’s Jo Harding and Paxton’s Bill Harding. The hope is for Hunt (Paxton, of course, is sadly no longer with us) to make an appearance.

According to Deadline, we have Steven Spielberg to thank for the new forward motion, as he loves the script. Universal and Warner Bros. are co-financing the film and are hoping for production to start off next year.

And talking of Maverick, that film’s director, Joseph Kosinski, was on board to direct when it was more of a reboot back in 2020, but he’s since jumped to his Formula One racing drama with Brad Pitt starring.

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