Twitter’s Animation Facts Will Change How You See Your Beloved Show

Toy Story

A popular Twitter thread asking users to deliver their best “useless” animation knowledge was deleted by its creator. But it’s hard to kill the internet bug once you got it, and people keep sharing animation details that would satisfy even the most insatiable thirst anyway.

“In Toy Story, Woody was originally supposed to look concerned after he removes Buzz Lightyear’s helmet and Buzz starts choking,” one popular tweet said. “But the model of him during the scene looked bored and unamused, which was funnier so they did that instead.”

In “Invader Zim this walk was thought to be menacing but when the animation team was done with this, the staff thought Peepi was dancing so they added the music.” And in The Proud Family Movie, Oscar Proud was meant to have a slow-mo running scene, but “when the animation came back from overseas, it looked like this. The crew found it funny and kept it that way.”


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