Two Secret Sci-Fi Films

Two new super-secret sci-fi film projects are in development over at Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. There isn’t much information on the movies, but I’ll give you all the information I’ve got.

The movie being developed at Warner Bros. is called The Wind. It’s being directed by commercials director Nic Mathieu, and this will be his first feature film. Men in Black 3 and Mission: Impossible writer David Koepp is writing the script, and the story is set in a space colony. Mathieu has done some pretty impressive commercial work, so I’m sure he’s going to create something very cool.

The second movie being developed at Paramount is coming from J.J. Abrams. This is an Untitled film project, and it will be a low budget movie “with sci-fi elements.” That’s all we know! You know how secretive the director is. But if you’re a fan of Abrams like I am then you know it’s most likely going to turn out to be awesome.

Check out a couple of the awesomely impressive commercials directed by Mathieu below.


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