What Type Of Gamer Are You ?


Video game industry has really grown strong and the reason for that is mostly an enormous community that enjoys spending time in front of their screens. There are many types of gamers and they can be separated into various groups determined by the genre they prefer, how good they are, the amount of time they spend weekly playing games, the device they use for gaming and so on. All of them have a specific jargon name and often there is a certain dose of disliking between the people that belong to a different group, so you better find your place in the virtual world and learn pros and cons of you being a part of a certain category, so you can shut others’ mouths and never be mocked again.

Casual gamer

Casual gamers are all those who like playing games, but they rarely actually do it. They have limited interest in games and choose only catchy games that are not very challenging, since all they are looking for is relaxation. The genres they are into vary and they do not care much about that aspect, because they only want to have a good time, so they will play anything ranging from 3D Slot Machine games to AAA titles, but only if they find them interesting. Also, they are not focused on a single video game console, but instead they use anything that offers entertaining games, whether it is a cell phone or a high-end PC.

3D slot game

Core gamer

Core gamers have a wide range of interests and they will play all kinds of games, trying to find the one that suits them best, but the time they spend with a controller in their hands is not enough to think of them as geeks. When they find the right title, they always beat it, but not as quickly as hard-core gamers, since they do it with more enthusiasm and without any sense of competition. Core gamers also do not have any preferences in platforms and they outnumber all other groups of gamers, so they are targeted consumers for every game developing company.

Game collection of a hard core gamer

Hardcore gamer

This is the most dedicated group of gamers. They spend a lot of time playing video games and they are simply in love with what they do, they do not regret missing any real life events because of their favorite game. Hardcore gamers mostly own the latest consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation, or high-end PCs and beastly Asus gaming laptops. This can be a very sensitive topic, since they often argue which the best platform for gaming is, but they all agree that mobile devices are absolutely not the thing they want to use. People who use tablets or smartphones for gaming or do not spend much time playing video games are not gamers at all, in their opinion. They refer to these people as noobs, which is a slangy abbreviation of a word “newbie” and it is the heaviest insult in a virtual world. Hardcore gamers play every game they run into, they always beat them flawlessly, but the thing they really are after are challenging and difficult games, especially if these provide some sort of competition.

It is for sure that almost every single person can be attracted to video games and become a gamer in no time. Also, it is very likely that you are one of them, but the main question is – how would you describe your gamer self?

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