Tyrannophone: iPhone 13 Pro Comes With Real T. Tex Tooth


Check out this unique $8,610 1-terabyte iPhone 13 Pro which comes with a real chunk of fossilized Tyrannosaurus tooth stuck on the back.

Luxury accessory maker Caviar — known for placing diamonds, gold, and other valuable items onto iPhones — has revealed what it’s calling a “Unique iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone” that’s “adorned with a 3D image of a dinosaur head that strikes fear into the hearts and minds of your competitors with a look of its yellow eye, made of pure amber.”

The T. rex head layout features one tooth with a fragment of the real tooth in it, so it’s not like you’re going to get a complete dino-tooth. But it’s the thought that counts.

The Tyrannophone is part of Caviar’s Tera concept collection, which features a $7,760 (£5,7800, AU$10,500) Monsterphone that looks like it’s been shredded and has gaping open wounds on the back. And if you’re feeling flush, there’s also a $49,240 (£36,700, AU$66,900) Teradiamond phone set with 1,028 diamonds and 128 rubies.

Tyrannophone is one of the flashiest phones of the series. Caviar is only giving 7 of the phones in your choice of the Pro or Max.

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