Ubisoft is Latest Game Developer to Develop a Star Wars Game

Ubisoft to Develop a Star Wars Game

There are some things we just cannot let go of – particularly in video gaming, where one of the most enduring forces driving it forward happens to be those deep-seated attachments we feel to those places, characters, and genres that first ushered us into the world of gaming in the first place.

Of course, for all the millions of gamers in the world, there exists an equal number of unique tastes and interests that keep us inspired to play each day. Still, there are some things about which we can feel largely unanimous, and one of those things just happens to be Star Wars video game adaptations, which rarely fail to draw us back into the lore of this seminal movie franchise once again.

Still, on reflection, it seems surprising that even a franchise as popular and time-honored as Star Wars could subsist unscathed through so many decades, and retain such a high level of esteem among gamers who, at this point, have played more spin-off titles than they could possibly count.

Read more about the upcoming title from Ubisoft, and why Star Wars continues to succeed in the gaming world, below.


The Gaming Microcosm

Given the long-running success of the Star Wars movie franchise, it would be all too easy to attribute the franchise’s success within the gaming world to its enduring success in the cinema. While this may be true to an extent, it only represents part of the story.

The gaming world in general represents a unique microcosm in which trends can retain their significance indefinitely. Consider the fact that GGPoker sees tremendous, long-running success via the genre of online poker, which has been in existence since the dawn of the world wide web itself. Similarly, the long-running successes experienced by a wide range of franchises began life in the gaming world, rather than on the silver screen, such as Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and Final Fantasy.

In all likelihood, this has to do, in part, with the emotional bond gamers develop with the stories and characters housed within these titles. From another perspective, however, the less predictable nature of these games – the fact that they do not follow the script on each revisit, and each time offer a new experience centered around beloved tropes and characters – ensures that, in the long run, they will prove themselves to be yet more enduring than movies themselves. The gamer has control over the scenario, which means that they can continue to drop into these titles ad infinitum without growing bored with the outcome.

It could well be that Star Wars has managed to straddle two waves: one that originated on the movie sets of Hollywood, and another that operates almost entirely separately from other areas of the entertainment sector.

For a franchise as beloved as Star Wars, the games also offer an opportunity for players to explore these worlds without restraint – they are not bound to the twenty-five or so hours of screen time available from the movies.

In much the same way that the spin-off TV series enabled a more indefinite extension to the original movies, so too can the video games maintain the momentum first gathered within the movies.


What We Know So Far About the Ubisoft Game

When it comes to this latest adaptation of the movies, one of the most exciting prospects for fans is the fact that Ubisoft have promised a “story driven, open world adventure”. For gamers, open-world is a difficult nut to crack, but, when done right, the genre has long since proven that it can pay dividends for the developers.

In the case of Star Wars, an open-world title should also serve to keep the offerings fresh for players who have already been around the block with this franchise a few times – although, of course, that may not be entirely necessary, given the games’ near-unanimous success over the years.

At this point in time, however, we remain a little thin on details. As of yet, there is no definitive release date – or even a title – for this game, so fans will have to remain patient a fair while longer before they can return, once again, to a galaxy far, far away.



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