UI/UX Development: Great Designers Trying Automated Design Strategies


The UI / UX development process begins with understanding the business goals and how best to satisfy the target audience. By understanding the psychology of the user and by applying the best UX practices, it is possible to provide them with a positive and memorable experience.

User experience design shapes the digital landscape of a website, guiding people throughout the space, and giving them something that affects their feelings. Visuals, content, structure, and navigation combine to give someone a memorable experience. End users are at the center of UI/UX. If someone can easily find the information they are looking for, they have achieved their goal and can come back again.


UI/UX design strategies and artificial intelligence.

Like any digital industry, UX/UI design is always focused on the use of new technologies. One of the main trends in interface design is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way for impacting the lives of both businesses and individuals. Now in 2020, the functionality and features that AI offers have made it popular across many industries. Experts have already made adjustments to projects to include AI in their company’s proposals. AI can also provide solutions to UX/UI design problems.


Benefits of using artificial intelligence in automated UI/UX design:

Dynamic personalization. Think about what happens when you meet a person. You unknowingly start judging him based on looks and manners. AI does the same but takes into account the subconscious choice of the person. For example, Instagram feed changes (dynamically personalizes) based on many things: time of day, liked posts, posts you’ve stuck with, friends’ interests, fashion trends, location, and the type of device you are using.

Processing of several threads at the same time. Today, doctors need to spend about 160 hours a week reading scientific articles to update their medical knowledge. Machines are excellent at handling hundreds of data items at once. It also solves the problem of online security – modern software uses VPN services when browsing the Internet (you can learn about all the advantages of a virtual private network by checking out ExpressVPN review). Thus, the personal data of users is reliably encrypted and protected from intruders.

Creation of many variations. For example, once an AI recognizes a pattern, it can instantly generate multiple variations. In a project called “Nutella Unica,” an algorithm, drawing on a database of patterns and colors, has created seven million different versions of Nutella’s packaging.


UI / UX Development Automation Software.

The interface prototyping software used in automated design strategies is the link between the creative idea and the final product. More recently, Photoshop reigned in the field of UX/UI design, however, in recent years this graphic editor has begun to lose popularity among developers.

Today, the most common services in design strategies are:

– Axure RP Pro is software for prototyping, mock-ups, website, and application specifications. The program allows you to insert widgets by simple drag and drop, as well as change their size and format. Axure RP Pro is a complete UX tool that allows developers to design complex interactive prototypes, but it takes time to master.

– Mockplus is a simple prototyping tool created by fast-growing innovation company Jongde Software LLC. The program is designed for stand-alone use and supports software prototyping for all major platforms: PCs, mobile applications, and web applications. The program has the necessary set of UI widgets and icons – everything you need to work with your widgets. It is possible to preview the prototype by exporting HTML / image or testing it on an existing device using a QR code.

– Justinmind is a UX tool for prototyping mobile and web applications and high-quality website layouts. The program is equipped with standard functions: dragging objects with the mouse, changing their size and format, as well as exporting and importing widgets. Besides, it is possible to annotate widgets and provide them with interactive features such as links, including conditionals, animations, calculations, a set of tabs, hidden items, and modeling databases with real data.

The use of AI on your system changes the level of difficulty the user will encounter on your site. UX designers face this problem alone. No website is perfect, but your UX Designer will help you make your website the best it can be.

The way your website or app looks and the quality of optimization through automation and artificial intelligence will determine your clicks and your views. Your design and UX optimization will determine your sales and customer experience. A UX expert can keep your website in good shape with high conversions and the AI will help keep it going.

The advancement of artificial intelligence and efforts to improve artificial intelligence have brought exciting innovations to the entire industry. Medical research, big data, and autonomous transportation are just some of the applications emerging from the expansion of AI.

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