Ultra-Futuristic Smart Motorcycles Are Closer Than You Think

 BMW Smart Motorcycle

From speed to safety, to sustainability, motorcycle technology is advancing its key areas at an incredible speed, and as a result, futuristic bikes are available today. This includes startup manufacturers and time-honored outfits like Harley Davidson, whose 105 horsepower electric bike accurately mimics a combustion engine roar. Motorcycles are the vehicle of the future and are providing the same benefits and comforts as a car for a snippet of the price.

In with the old

Despite the advance in technology, the coolest designs of the past are not being left behind. Iconic designs like the Bonneville and three-wheeler cycle models are enjoying being supplanted with electric vehicle technology, and along with it much-needed safety updates. These technology updates are only set to improve. According to New Atlas, one Canadian start-up has developed 360-degree safety warnings that will greatly improve the safety of motorcyclists on the road. This will make older designs more viable without altering the looks.

Becoming competitive

One common criticism of new, electric-powered vehicles is that they lack the speed and range of normal vehicles. This is set to change. According to the motoring blog, The Driven, motorcycle manufacturer Lightning has produced an all-electric vehicle that can reach up to 218mph, competitive with all but the most tuned-up superbikes. As vehicles gain speed, they gain prestige, and the ever-increasing limits on how fast these motorcycles can run will be of great encouragement to enthusiasts.

Embracing sustainability

When developing new technology, keeping an eye on the environmental impact of the tech is mandatory. As a result, many electric motorcycles are developed with that in mind. While electricity is a great first step, it doesn’t solve the issues surrounding manufacturing. Many companies are now looking to make their supply chain carbon zero, too, as outlined by Medium contributor Zoheb Davar. Of particular interest is Zero Motorcycles, a favorite supplier for law enforcement, which has committed to and is making headway on removing all waste and carbon emissions from their supply chain. Expect other like-minded companies to follow suit, especially big manufacturers; BMW and VW have made public declarations on their wider intent to tackle climate change.

Motorcycle technology is at the forefront of exciting new automotive developments. Gadgets and smart tech are easy to implement, given the small size of the vehicles, and that has led to impressive innovation. Sustainable, fast, and stylish, they’re the gadget-driven vehicle of tomorrow – today.

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