Unbelievably This Cosplayer Looks Like Gal Gadot

Cosplay is about paying homage to your beloved characters. But cosplay YouTuber Alyson Tabbitha took her look a few steps further and gave Wonder Woman cosplay complete makeover. Fans are having trouble telling her apart from her onscreen counterpart.

Wonder Woman cosplay

This weekend, Tabbitha started a makeup test to rehearse for her transformation into Wonder Woman. It went so well that the day “turned into a full dress rehearsal that resulted in this!!” she wrote on Facebook.

She also styled herself in Wonder Woman’s armor, including the famous cuffs and armbands. “The costume isn’t finished yet since I still need to make the belts, shoes, lasso, and props! But I was so excited I couldn’t resist trying it on!” Tabbitha wrote on Facebook. She made the entire look herself out of craft foam and poster board, she explains, and used a moldable wood-based material called TreeFlx for the breastplate.

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