Uncropped Versions of Famous Photos

A recent post on MetaFilter (that was subsequently picked up by PetaPixel), shows a handful of uncropped versions of iconic images from the last century.

From politics and war to sports and music, this small collection of images are a fascinating look back in history.

Many thanks to Bora Horza Gobuchul for the compiling.

Tank Man – Tiananmen Square June 5, 1989


uncropped wide-angle aerial view of tank man tiananmen square

Tank Man, or the Unknown Rebel, is the nickname of an anonymous man who stood in front of a column of Chinese Type 59 tanks the morning after the Chinese military forcibly removed protestors from in and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989. The man achieved widespread international recognition due to the videotape and photographs taken of the incident. Despite his anonymity, he is commonly (though not necessarily correctly) referred to in Chinese as Wang Weilin, as dubbed by a Sunday Express article. [Source: Wikipedia]

Guerrillero Heroico by Alberto Korda
Che Guevara March 5, 1960


uncropped famous photo of che guevara


iconic cropped photo of che guevara

Guerrillero Heroico (English: “Heroic Guerrilla Fighter”) is an iconic photo of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara wearing his black beret taken by Alberto Korda. It was taken on March 5, 1960, in Havana, Cuba, at a memorial service for victims of the La Coubre explosion and by the end of the 1960s turned the charismatic and controversial leader into a cultural icon. Korda has said that at the moment he shot the picture, he was drawn to Guevara’s facial expression, which showed “absolute implacability” as well as anger and pain. Years later, Korda would say that the photo showed Che’s firm and stoic character. Guevara was 31 at the time the photo was taken.

As a life-long communist and supporter of the Cuban Revolution until his death, Alberto Korda claimed no payment for his picture. A modified version of the portrait through the decades was also reproduced on a range of different media, though Korda never asked for royalties. Korda reasoned that Che’s image represented his revolutionary ideals, and thus the more his picture spread the greater the chance Che’s ideals would spread as well. Korda’s refusal to seek royalties for the vast circulation of his photograph “helped it become the ultimate symbol of Marxist revolution and anti-imperialist struggle.” [Source: Wikipedia]

Million Dollar Quartet – Memphis, Tennessee December 4, 1956

million dollar quartet uncropped photo with elvis' girlfriend sitting on piano


famous cropped photo of million dollar quartet

“Million Dollar Quartet” is the name given to recordings made on Tuesday December 4, 1956 in the Sun Record Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. The recordings were of an impromptu jam session among Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash. Marilyn Knowles-Riehl is the mystery woman seated on the piano in the Million Dollar Quartet photo from 1956. She was Elvis’ girlfriend at the time and was there in Sun Studios at the legendary 1956 jam session. In fact, her voice is heard on the historic recording. [Source: ElvisNews.com]

Ty Cobb Steals Third by Charles Conlon
Hilltop Park July 23, 1910

uncropped version of famous photo showing ty cobb stealing third base

cropped version of iconic photo showing ty cobb stealing third base

Charles Martin Conlon (November, 1868 – 1945) was an American photographer. He worked for New York City newspapers in the early 1900s, as a proof-reader with a photographic hobby before editor John B. Foster invited him to shoot photographs for The Telegram daily newspaper sporting pages and for the Spalding’s Base Ball Guide annual.

Charley Conlon took thousands of portraits of major league baseball players. His most famous photo is a fortunate action shot of Ty Cobb sliding into third base at Hilltop Park on July 23, 1910, upending the fielder, Jimmy Austin. Conlon was actually on the field, a common practice of the day, behind third base, under the hood of a large, tripod-supported Graflex camera. He was positioned to the outfield side of the third base coach’s box, in foul territory. [Source: Wikipedia]

Loch Ness Monster – “The Surgeon’s Photograph” April 21, 1934

loch ness monster fake photo uncropped showing much more of the lake

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