UNCUT GEMS Has The 4th Most F-Bombs in Movie History


Here is the video to prove just that.

If you’ve watched the Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems, you know that the movie is packed with F-bombs! I never tried to count how many times the word has been used in the Josh and Benny Safdie-directed movie, but now we know how many were dropped in the movie thanks to Netflix.

Netflix released a video that features all 560 F-bombs! It turns out the movie has the fourth most F-bombs in movie history. The other three movies that top the chart also includes The Wolf of Wall Street with 569 total F-Bombs, F***, which is a doc on the word that is uncensored, with 857 F-Bombs and the number one movie on the list is Swearnet: The Movie, a movie from the stars of Trailer Park Boys, which was released which has 935 F-bombs.

Other movies that like to use the F word in excess include Casino with 422, Straight Outta Compton with 392, Reservoir Dogs with 269, Pulp Fiction with 265, and The Big Lebowski with 260.

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