Uncut Version of the Bizarre 1994 Film TAMMY AND THE T-REX Starring Young Denise Richards and Paul Walker


I don’t know if you remember this movie or not, if you don’t remember it then it might be for the best it was one silly and bizarre looking movie, to begin with, when Jurassic Park came out and conquered the box office, there was a flood of mostly bad dinosaur-themed movies that were released. One of these movies was the ridiculously stupid 1994 cult classic Tammy and the T-Rex.

If you’ve never heard of this movie or forgot about it, here is something which you will get the kick out of for sure! An uncut R-rated version of Tammy and the T-Rex is set to screen at Cinepocalypse in Chicago on June 17th and to help the occasion a new trailer for the movie has been cut and released.

The story for the film is based on a teen girl played by Denise Richards, who learns that a scientist (Terry Kiser) implanted her dead boyfriend’s brain into a giant animatronic dinosaur. His name is Michael and after breaking out of the scientist’s lab, he goes back to school, as a dinosaur, to get vengeance on the people who bullied him and, of course, get back to his girlfriend. Yes this is that sort of movie.

You will also see young Paul Walker getting his crotch grabbed and crushed by some other dude. This movie is packed to the brim of WTF moments. Check out the trailer and prepare to hurt your tummy.

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